So, who is Michelle Bondesio?

My Job Title – 

I’m not fond of these, as labelling tends to limit our perception of potential.

That said, it’s human nature to compartmentalise to simplify our world. So, if you need to put me in a box you can relate to … I’m a writer and communications consultant based in the UK.

I’m really a multi-dimensional professional generalist. The equivalent of a designer handbag with many pockets – some functional, some decorative, but all necessary parts that help me do what I do.

The work I do with creative and purpose-driven businesses enables me to wear the hats of writer, creator, communicator, teacher, student, organiser, implementer, reviewer, researcher, and troubleshooter. (See? Tricky to fit into a single job title).

My Motivation – 

The pursuit of activating and communicating our potential, at work and in life. Curiosity, creativity and learning inspire me, so I’m always on the hunt for interesting experiences and challenges which encourage growth.

My Interests (in a jam-packed nutshell) –

Word nerd, wellbeing seeker and nature lover. Appreciator of detail, design, digital and doodles. Occasional cyclist, keen rambler and yoga fan. Fledgling photographer and illustrator.

My Content – 

My articles and videos share ideas about doing life and business better in the digital world.

Mini Growth Sessions are teeny, free learning sessions where I share pocket-sized ideas about our wellbeing and potential.

I also have a Doodle Series, which explores the learning opportunities that life has to offer us, the changes we’re capable of making, and the challenges we’re capable of overcoming.

Follow along as I share my thoughts, ideas, experience and illustrations. You’ll learn something new or have a laugh or two!