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Michelle Bondesio is a writer, podcaster, speaker, coach and consultant. She's the founder of Bondesio C&C and Creating Cadence, and the author of The Cadence Effect.


It's Mich with an 'ish'.I'm a word nerd, wellbeing seeker, and nature lover. I'm also on a mission to disrupt the toxic status quo of burnout and overwork.My aim is to help change the conversation around what "being productive" and "working well" looks like.After 20 years working across creative and digital industries, I made this my focus due to my own experience of epic burnout.

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Mich Bondesio Bio Pic 38 by Christina Davies, @Fish2Commercial

What I Do

Under the Creating Cadence banner, I write a newsletter, host a podcast, and deliver talks, workshops and private coaching cohorts.The focus of my work is on digital wellness, intentional productivity, and the future of work. My clients are creative and digital founders, solo entrepreneurs, and small teams around the world, especially those navigating midlifeIn 2023, I published a book called The Cadence Effect about ways to craft a more meaningful life with the aid of intentionally productive habits.Bondesio C&C is the communications arm of my portfolio business, where I take on occasional technical copywriting projects, specialising in creating training content for teams.Find out more about my work, and how I can help you, by exploring the links below.

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behind the scenes

A Gen Xer raised on cheesy 80s music.An appreciator of creativity, design and digital stuff.A travel nut, keen rambler, and closet doodler.In my next life, I'm going to be a best-selling trashy novel writer!

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