For purpose-driven business people and creative teams building potential.

We know that work pressure, culture, processes and learned behaviours impact on our ability to be our “best selves” at work.

These factors can affect our creativity and quality of work, our performance and productivity.

They also hinder our ability to communicate and connect well, with each other and with our customers.

This puts the potential effectiveness, wellbeing and success of both our people and companies at risk.

Life and work are “busy”…

It feels like we don’t have the time or impetus to focus deeply on improving our habits and behaviours.

The intensity of digital noise in today’s world creates additional distraction. Our overwhelmed attention spans mean our learning and retention abilities take a big hit.

Plus, the very systems, processes and working styles that are meant to help us, can end up stifling our creativity, affecting our performance and hindering our health.

How can we be less distracted, so that our creative thinking and personal super powers can shine through?

By developing the skills we need to become better at “how” we do what we do. This means enhancing both our internal and external environments … how we think, how we act, and how our workplace supports us in doing both.

Creating nurturing learning environments at work strengthens our skills, wellbeing and performance, which means better business outcomes all round.

Hi there, I’m Michelle Bondesio

I’m a consultant and writer with a focus on wellbeing mentoring and behaviour design. Using foundational learning techniques, I help people to improve their awareness skills, develop more effective working habits and enhance their wellbeing.

I help you to grow your people’s potential and create more trust, value, connection and reward. For the wellbeing of your team and your business.

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Here’s what people are saying about me and my work…

SIMON PRICE – Senior Lecturer, Employability & Innovation, Lancashire Law School, UCLan

Simon Price Lawyer & Lecturer UCLan“I had the pleasure of attending a Growth Session delivered by Michelle and the focus on exploring how Technology affects our wellbeing and performance resonated with not just me, but with the audience too. Michelle has an engaging presenting style, great visual slides, all backed up by good sources.”

JONATHAN BALL – Designer & Design Council Associate

Jonathan Ball Designer“Michelle is easy to work with, a good sounding board, thoughtful and considerate. She is mindful about the nature of relationships and how to balance gently easing things along without it being pushy.”

KERRY ROOS – Director of Operations & Product Development for Green Route Africa

Kerry Roos - Testimonial“Michelle has proven her professionalism and dedication time and again. She is a dynamic communicator, organiser and problem solver, tackling projects with passion and determination.”

KUDA TAKURA – Project Manager for Ford Motor Co. SA (Johannesburg Motor Show)

Kuda Takura - Testimonial“Thanks to you, Michelle, for keeping the wheels turning in the background … your management and leadership skills were well appreciated by the collective Ford staff.”

ANDREW THEWLIS – Finance Director & CSR Project Liaison  for Landmark Wholesale Ltd UK

Andrew Thewlis - Testimonial“It’s very moving to see the transformation you’ve managed. We really appreciate the time and effort you have put in and the obvious impact the new building will have on the community.”