What if I look at the world from more than one perspective?

We are not linear and neither is life.

There is no single best way to look at the world or live in it. But if we look at things from more than one perspective, then we get a more realistic, accurate picture.

What we may think is ‘impossible’ becomes possible when approached from a different angle.

For this month’s Do Lectures Do Contribute article, I wrote about the importance of creating richer, more complex life experiences. Adding more depth and dimension to our lives gives us greater clarity, but can also change our results.

The reality we think we see isn’t always real.

Remember to look up, down and all around, not just straight in front of you. If you’re struggling to see what lies ahead, “What’s the Alternative?”  may just give you a different perspective on things.

Stay strong and be open.

Mich :)