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How to ban your worst self from the bathroom mirror, and elsewhere in your life…

It’s that time of year…

When the work pressure gets cranked to overdrive in that last minute push before the office closes … Or your home life may become a blur of extra domestic chores before the family descends, and you have a gift shopping list the length of a novel.

With all the extras that are “needed” at this time of the year, it’s so easy to slide into that uncomfortably comfortable space also known as our “worst self”.

You know the one … the tetchy, grumpy, impatient, short-tempered, caffeine-needing “Monday morning” self. The one who ends up hurling obscenities at the dog, and thinks the world (and the checkout lady) is out to get you.

The self who is present when you inadvertently hurt other people’s feelings. And have the hump with the colour of the sky. Because it’s … well … it’s a bit too blue today!

But what of your “best self”?

You know… the version of you which encompasses all the best bits that you want to share with others.

The one you haul out on “date night”.

The one you share when life is good.

The kind, smiley, supportive, generous, music-loving, animal-cuddling, slow-motion-running-towards-the-sunset, huggable and kissable self.

Yes, you forgot about that part of you for a moment, didn’t you?

So, how do we banish our worst selves from the bathroom mirror in the morning?

Simple. Be like Warren.

What I mean by that is: IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

In the same way that you can choose to grumble about your morning commute. OR you can choose to tap dance to work.

Warren Buffett, is a humble billionaire businessman and philanthropist, who is equally famous for his belief in tap dancing to work every morning.

Warren is the ultimate purpose-driven businessman: an optimist who believes in putting in the hard work, but also in following your passion, doing what you love, surrounded by the people you care about.

I know that sometimes it may seem as if life is making things hard for us. But we have more control over our situation than we think.

Because, how we choose to handle the situations we find ourselves in, is ultimately up to us. 

We can rise to any challenge when we’re being our best selves.

And being your best self means doing not only what’s good for you, but also what’s good for those around you.

I like this reference about Warren Buffet from Bill Gates (one of his close friends):

“I’ve learned many things from Warren over the last 25 years, but maybe the most important thing is what friendship is all about. It’s about being the kind of friend you wish you had yourself.”

Bill Gates talking about Warren Buffett 

(emphasis mine)

Start by making your “best self” your best friend.

Be the kind of friend you want to be.

First to yourself.

And then to those around you.

We have 365 chances to be our best selves in 2017.

Let’s make the most of it! :)

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