Mich Bondesio - Doodles - What if I focus on the bigger picture, instead of immediate outcomes?

How often do you put off the hard work in favour of the quick fix?

We all do it. Take the short cut. Be that building relationships, developing skills and expertise, or facing something new that we’re afraid of.

But what if you focused on the bigger picture, instead of immediate outcomes?

Just think … how much more reward (and I don’t mean money!) would you gain from putting in the effort? And it doesn’t actually have to be “effort” – as in hard work – it can be fun and enjoyable and help you achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s what that “effort” can really look like:

  • It’s making time for your family and being present in that time, even when you have work pressures up the wazoo. Not just fitting family around work.
  • It’s regularly touching base with people you want to create a future working relationship with. Not just tweeting out of the blue when you want something now!
  • It’s focusing on learning and deliberate practice to become better at the things you want to share with the world. Not just copying something someone is doing on YouTube.
  • It’s drawing on your courage and developing the strength to  face the thing you fear. Not just once, but every time it might come up in future.
  • It’s knowing that nothing in life is ever all about “ME ME ME”, even though your Instagram stream might indicate otherwise.  Selfishness leads to loneliness and life should really be all about “giving of me”, not “look at me”.

Look for the bigger picture.

It’s a bit like growing your garden. Cultivate presence and patience. Give of yourself and nurture the seedlings of future opportunities.

And when the time is right, you’ll be rewarded with a plentiful bounty of things such as knowledge or skill, friendship or love.

Not a 1000 fake followers. :)

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