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Possibility & Identity (Do Contribute)

Who we think we are, and what we think we’re capable of, affect what is possible for us to achieve.

Possibility and Identity were the themes I covered in February and March for the Do Lectures on their Do Contribute publication. They are important concepts and ideas which keep cropping up.

You can read more about the three things I suggest to help create your own panorama of what’s possible here:

Impossible is Nothing

And in March’s article, I focused on the culture of ‘you’ vs the culture of ‘them’ and how to view what we bring to our lives and projects in a different way.

Don't be them

Wise Words (Do Contribute)

Our language can either motivate or debilitate us.

Over the past year, with more exposure to inflated rhetoric, hyped narratives and fake news, I’ve become more aware of the power of language in our growth process. The words we use to describe ourselves and our world heavily influence how we think, feel, act and do.

So I wrote about it in my January 2018 article for Do Lectures “Do Contribute” on Medium. Take a look…

Choosing Words Wisely Article for Do Lectures Do Contribute

Click on the image to read the article on Medium

What We Choose To Put In (Do Contribute)

What we put in affects what we get out.

What we put in

This month’s article for Do Lectures over on Medium is about contribution.

What we put in matters. So, if you want to see the magic happen, choose to do the challenging, difficult, scary, stinky or unknown things with the same energy, willingness and enthusiasm you bring to doing the fun, easy, simple things in life.

When we give more than we expect in return, the upside is that we get lucky. To find out more, head on over to Do Contribute to read “What we put in“.

What goodness are you forgetting to add to your daily tasks and activities?

The Alternative to Straight and Narrow

What if I look at the world from more than one perspective?

We are not linear and neither is life.

There is no single best way to look at the world or live in it. But if we look at things from more than one perspective, then we get a more realistic, accurate picture.

What we may think is ‘impossible’ becomes possible when approached from a different angle.

For this month’s Do Lectures Do Contribute article, I wrote about the importance of creating richer, more complex life experiences. Adding more depth and dimension to our lives gives us greater clarity, but can also change our results.

The reality we think we see isn’t always real.

Remember to look up, down and all around, not just straight in front of you. If you’re struggling to see what lies ahead, “What’s the Alternative?”  may just give you a different perspective on things.

Stay strong and be open.

Mich :)

Outrageous vs Safe

We get to decide just how extraordinary we will be in our lives.

What if I make the outrageous decision, instead of playing it safe?

But our default tends towards making “safe decisions”. And the danger of only making safe decisions is that we don’t grow.

Life is about decision. […] Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make. Otherwise you would have made a different one. Everything we do, we choose. So what is there to regret? You are the person you chose to be.” ~ Paul Arden

So how about making a few outrageous decisions instead of only sticking with safe? Outrageous decisions don’t have to be risky, but do involve pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

You can read more about making better decisions over on Medium, where my new piece for Do Lectures Do Contribute is now live. It’s called “Be Outrageous, Choose to Grow“.

Deciding to read it may just change your life. :)

The Mastery Path

Stay on the long road to mastery instead of looking for shortcuts

On committing to the long game…

We humans get bored and distracted easily. We’re all for immediate gains over long-term outcomes.

Which is why it’s common for us to seek the quickest route possible to achieve our aims. Or give up entirely when it seems to be taking too long, or feels too hard.

“It’s easy to get on the path of mastery. The real challenge lies in staying on it.” George Leonard 
(Author of Mastery,  an aikido practitioner and central figure in the “Human Potential Movement” started in the 1960s)

Taking the shortcut might be an easy route, but it means you lose out on plenty of learning opportunities…

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How to Rule Yourself

What if I build my foundations well, so I can rule my life reliably?


Becoming our best selves starts with self-knowledge, self-care and self-discipline.

And the often overlooked reigning strength behind attaining and maintaining self-sovereignty is RELIABILITY.

I wrote about developing our reliability skills for this month’s “DoContribute” article for The Do Lectures.

If you want to learn how to rule yourself in a trustworthy and consistent way, across all facets of your life, then head on over to read The hidden ‘R’ that helps us Do.


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