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Imagination is Possibility

What if I can travel as far as my imagination can see?

Imagine there were no limitations …

So often we get caught up by the limitations of our immediate environment, that we feel we cannot progress.

But, what if we’re not limited by our physical place in time? What if our location doesn’t actually matter when it comes to making our dreams a reality?

Imagine travelling as far as your mind can see?

Taking a long-sighted perspective is the starting point. Make your visions big, bold and far-reaching, not limited by your present location or circumstances.

Stretch what you think is possible to the furthest point imaginable.  Back up those plans with the principles of endeavour – such as taking initiative, putting in the work and being persistent – and you’re halfway to the moon already.

And when you get there, what if you keep going?

The possibilities are as broad as your imagination!

Express Yourself – My 15 Seconds of Fame

What if I express myself in new ways, instead of holding back?

Why we need to put ourselves out there in ways we’re not used to…

Do you have a hobby, creative outlet, or other means of self-expression? What activities do you do that help you let off steam, create value in your life, or enable you to be more present? How ready and willing are you to learn new things?

If you take tango dance classes or stills photos, do crossword puzzles or build sandcastles on the beach, craft quilts or poetry … or do any of a myriad of other challenging yet enjoyable activities out there … then you may know what I’m referring to.

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Respect Your Asset Value

What if I treat myself as my number 1 asset

To create and provide value in your life, and in your business, you need to grow yourself.

That means making YOU your no. 1 priority.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but in order for you to be your best for your loved ones and team members, you need to put your wellbeing first.

According to Brian Johnson, treating ourselves right involves mastering our “Fundies” or fundamentals…

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On Tuning Out

What if I take time out from my digital world to reconnect with myself?

Experimenting with Enforced Digital Detox…

Digital Minimalism involves being more intentional about how you use technology in your life. I wrote about digital minimalism for this month’s Do Lectures #DoContribute article – “Maxing Out vs Being Minimal”

My story was prompted by a personal experience, which included experimenting with my attention. 

Just how much of your undivided attention is spent in front of a screen, instead of in front of a loved one? I bet it’s more than you think?

Head on over to Do Contribute on Medium to find out more about why taking control of our attention is so important.

Ride It Out

What if I ride out the storm, because I can?Life has its ups and downs

Sometimes things go as planned, sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes you have the support you need, sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes mountains are actually only molehills, and sometimes they’re Everest.

Whether we make it through the peaks and troughs in one piece ultimately depends on our attitude.

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The Seed Of Your Potential

What if I embrace my potential at each stage of my life?

Sometimes it’s easy to think that we need to wait until we reach some stage in our life before we can fulfil our potential.

But the reality is that our potential lives in us every day, at each stage of our life. Whether we are 5, 15, 35 or 65. We just need to be brave enough to embrace it. :)

“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change; yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.”

Timothy Gallwey (Author of The Inner Game of Tennis)

So, how about nurturing your capability every day, every step of the way?

Never too late to start.

And while we’re at the clichés … no time like the present. :)

Who Needs A Hero?

What if I save my own day instead of hoping someone else will?

Not all heroes wear a cape.

I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot lately and it’s true. Real-world heroes are more ordinary than extraordinary.

They are just like you and me.

And that means that we’re capable of being our own heroes.

Find out how to save your day over on Medium, with my latest article for The Do Lectures – Batman is Busy.

Hope your Valentine’s week is filled with heaps of bold gestures of love, whether you’re sharing it with a special someone or not. Remember, loving others well starts with loving “you”. That’s what heroes do!

What Day Is It For You?

What if one day is today?

What if your “one day” is today?

“One day. Or day one. You decide.”

~ The minimalists

I saw this quote from the Minimalists the other day and it struck a chord. It’s a simple but powerful message.

It’s never too late in the day to take a step. To act. To do. To make change.

Go for it!

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