What if you dial it up, so life can hear you?

Mich Bondesio Doodles Dial It Up

Ever feel like you are struggling to get heard out there?

Ever stopped to think that perhaps it might be a case of being afraid of putting yourself out there, to be heard?

And what is it that we fear most?

Why, criticism and judgment of course.

When we find ourselves in situations where our ability or character might be questioned, the associated fear sometimes makes us act small or hold ourselves back.

We do this to keep ourselves safe. But it doesn’t really help right?

So, what if you flipped fear on its head and dialled yourself up a notch or two?

Mustered your courage.

Changed your demeanour or your outfit.

Stood up tall.

Spoke up.


Or even Sang.

As  Danielle LaPorte says in one her truth bombs:

“If you tone it down, life can’t hear you.” 

~ Danielle LaPorte ~ #truthbomb

And you don’t need to shout to get yourself “heard”.

You really don’t have to play it loud.

But you do need to play a CLEAR, CONFIDENT version of YOU.

And you know what? YOU CAN! :)

So go on, put your voice out there!

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