Mich Bondesio Doodles - Embrace Unknown

Embrace the Unknown

Yes, “the unknown” is uncertain territory.

And we tend to run away from things we’re uncertain of. Things that make us scared. Things that make us feel small.

But, we can’t grow or make progress, if we don’t face what scares us – be that in business or in life.

The unknown doesn’t have to be an unfriendly place.

Next time you’re faced with the uncertainty of an unknown, try something different…

Be brave. Be certain. Be friendly.

Wait, what? Yes, I said “be friendly”. Think about how you feel about old friends. And then embrace what you don’t know like an old friend.

You might be pleasantly surprised at where it takes you. You may feel more comfortable than you think.

What if you could face the unknown? Then you can!

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