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Growth Sessions help your team to activate their potential and improve their “soft” skills, so that they can deliver optimally on their “hard” skills.  

They help to improve your team’s habits, resilience, mindfulness, focus, communication and performance. They involve a series of short, simple, informal yet intensive learning sessions delivered in real life or online.

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My focus is on equipping people with the right foundational information to increase their awareness, improve their emotional intelligence, develop more effective working habits, and enhance their overall wellbeing.

The workshops are based on the three pillars of the Growth Sessions Framework ™ (Care, Know and Do). Tailored to your specific situation, they build upon each other and are deliberately structured with the end goal of making positive, lasting change.

Growth Sessions help to create a stronger culture of growth, development and wellbeing at work. Without adding to the pressure of your day-to-day To Dos.

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Who are Growth Sessions for?

What do the workshops involve?

What do they cost?

Want a taster of what to expect?

Mini Growth Sessions are short, free, socially-oriented introductions to the topics that I cover in my workshops.

I’ve also created a short foundational Growth Sessions Online Course on Skillshare called  “How to Create Performance-Enhancing Routines”. I’ll be creating more of these online courses in the future.

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What people are saying about Growth Sessions…

“I had the pleasure of attending a Growth Session delivered by Michelle and the focus on exploring how Technology affects our wellbeing and performance resonated with not just me, but with the audience too.

Michelle has an engaging presenting style, great visual slides, all backed up by good sources. It was great to develop an awareness of our habits and how they can affect us and importantly how we can change them.

For anyone wanting to explore & understand their use of technology and its impact on them, then a Growth Session is for you.”

Simon Price (Senior Lecturer, Employability & Innovation, Lancashire Law School, UCLan)

A fun and informative session with real life application. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.” 

Catarina King (Society1 Co-founder)

“Informative, educative and quite a revelation to aid positive change.” 

“I could personally relate to many aspects mentioned. Very clear and examples given allowed for easy understanding.” 

“Excellent. Insightful. Informative. Eye-opening.”

“Interesting, topical, relevant. Very informative. It’s relatable for all people and all work sectors.” 

“Speaker and presentation was very engaging, plus the activity really got you thinking about the impact of digital appliances, and how using them can affect our own lives.” 

“The presentation was well presented and (Michelle) was extremely interactive with all that attended.”

– Various Workshop Participants