Pocket-sized learning with positive outcomes

Growth Sessions help your team to activate their potential and improve their “soft” skills, so that they can deliver optimally on their “hard” skills.  

They help to improve your team’s habits, resilience, mindfulness, focus, communication and performance. They involve short, simple, informal yet intensive learning sessions delivered in real life or online.

My focus is on equipping people with the right foundations to raise their awareness, improve their emotional intelligence, develop more effective working habits which enhance their wellbeing, productivity and performance.

The Growth Sessions talks, workshops and mentoring programmes are based on the pillars of the Growth Sessions Framework ™ 

Tailored to your specific situation, they build upon each other and are deliberately structured with the end goal of making positive, lasting change.

Growth Sessions help to create a stronger culture of growth, development and wellbeing at work. Without adding to the pressure of your day-to-day To Dos.

Are Growth Sessions right for you?

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What people are saying about Growth Sessions…

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Want a taster of what to expect?

Mini Growth Sessions are short, free, socially-oriented introductions to the topics that I cover in my workshops.

I also have a Skillshare Channel where I’m creating Growth Sessions Online Courses. The first class focuses on how to create performance-enhancing routines and the second is about improving your leadership and communication skills. Further courses are planned in the future.

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