Growth Sessions are a platform for raising awareness, sharing tools and exploring ideas. They empower people working in digital spheres to develop more effective habits, enhance their wellbeing and activate more of their potential.

As part of the Growth Sessions business offering, you can choose from short talks, workshops and strategy sessions. I also offer one-to-one mentoring for individuals.

The aim of these services is to open up the discussion and raise awareness around creating healthy working cultures, developing digital hygiene habits, strengthening wellbeing and activating potential. To challenge traditional work cultures and create more nurturing environments to work in. 

The topics covered include wellbeing, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, digital health, habits and ways to improve communication and performance at work using behaviour design principles.

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Stress Management & Resilience Workshop

This 2-3 hour workshop explores the impact of technology, habits, behaviours, and environment on our wellbeing and performance. It equips participants with the knowledge and tools to build their resilience, create better digital habits and more effective self-care practices, all of which will help them to manage their stress and function more effectively at work.

Growth Sessions Workshop Package

Three staggered workshops, which build upon each other, based on the three pillars of the Growth Sessions Framework ©  (Care, Know and Do), and tailored to your specific situation.

The Workshop Package includes:

  • A short introductory meeting to assess your company’s existing set up and potential needs. 3 x staggered Workshops of approx. 2-3 hours  each, for up to 10 people. A short follow-up meeting to capture and discuss feedback and outcomes, if required.
  • Find out more about what these workshop packages involve  and who they’re for.

Behaviour Design Consultations

It’s no good someone trying to improve their digital habits if their work culture and environment doesn’t support them in doing  so.

Encouraging more mindful working practices and a building a supportive environment for your team should be seen as part of your engagement and retention strategies.

I can help by looking at how your teams engage with their digital tools and by reviewing the impact their office culture and environment has on their wellbeing.  I then advise on the simple, but often less obvious steps, which you can take to make small improvements that will have a big impact for your team and your business.

Short IntroductoryTalks

Looking for a speaker for your next networking meeting or team building event? My 30-60 minute talks cover:

  • Raising awareness of the impact that wellbeing and digital habits have on a company’s bottom line.
  • Exploring how the quality of our habits, our degree of awareness and emotional intelligence, and our level of focus and discipline impact on our wellbeing and potential in all aspects of our lives. 
  • Understanding why it’s in our business interest to invest in the human development of our teams. 
  • Introducing the three areas of human development covered by the Growth Sessions Framework ©  that are most important for improving personal effectiveness in the workplace.


I also offer one-to-one Growth Sessions mentoring over a four week period. Find out more here about how we can work together on a personalised basis.

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Monthly Guide

If you want to stay on top of developments in digital health, personal growth and creating healthier cultures at work, then sign up for Cadence – Life and Work in Motion, my monthly guide to creating momentum, working with purpose and living with intention.