Who are Growth Sessions for?

My clients include independent business people and creative thinkers from purpose-driven companies that are innovating in their field, including:

  • Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Professionals seeking guidance on how to improve their wellbeing and habits to support better work and life outcomes.
  • Organisations with knowledge teams working in the digital sphere (such as tech startups, architects, engineers, academics).
  • Business people in creative industries (such as media, communication, advertising, brand, marketing, design and digital).
  • Organisations who are thinking creatively and challenging the status quo in their industry.

How do Growth Sessions affect your “bottom line”?

Better selves means better business. Building mindful business practices should be part of your engagement and retention strategy, because if your team members become happier, healthier, better versions of themselves at work, this means they bring more of themselves to everything they do. When you team are working optimally, this enables you to create a more effective and sustainable business, producing better results.

Here are some of the positive business outcomes that Growth Sessions can help your people to achieve:

  • Increased attention, mindfulness, focus and engagement
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • More effective collaboration
  • Heightened creative thinking
  • Friendlier customer service
  • Higher levels of trust, engagement and job satisfaction
  • Reduced absenteeism and increased retention
  • Opportunities to innovate around company culture and process

Better results in any of these areas translates to a healthier bottom line for your business. A bottom line which takes account of your people as well as your profit.

Growth Sessions are for EVERYONE in your company, because whilst we are all people, it takes different things to make each of us happy, healthy and engaged. Each person on your team will take different things away from their experience of Growth Sessions. This isn’t something that only managers get trained in and then take back to the rest of the company. People on your team need to experience the sessions first hand.

How do you know if Growth Sessions are right for you?

1) Perhaps your business is too small to warrant having a dedicated HR team or formal personal development programme in place? If you’re finding it tricky to oversee and fulfil your team’s wellbeing needs adequately, because of your size, then Growth Sessions can help fill this gap.

2) Maybe your company already has some form of wellbeing programme, and/or an HR team looking after wellbeing needs? If that’s the case, you may find this service beneficial as an add-on to existing initiatives you’ve got running.

3) Or, perhaps you’ve already got these bases covered? Instead, you’re looking for new and interesting ways to keep your team engaged, to maintain a healthy, vibrant culture. Then you’ve come to the right place. :)

Find out more about the Growth Sessions talks and workshops.

4) I also offer personal mentoring sessions to work with individuals in a secure, supportive way.

Why ‘Wellbeing’ instead of ‘Well-being’?

Technically, it can be spelled either way.

To me, well-being implies one person’s wellness, as in “a being who is well”.

Whereas wellbeing suggests wellness as a holistic concept, which impacts on all of us as individuals, teams and larger communities of people.

I’m interested in helping both individuals AND groups of individuals to improve their wellbeing, so I spell it as a single, unhyphenated word.