Personal Performance Mentoring

When you focus on improving yourself and your performance in simple, gradual steps, the effects cascade into all parts of your life, enabling you to live and work better. But sometimes you need someone to guide you on the journey. Someone who knows how it feels to make these changes. I can help.

If you’re looking for guidance and accountability in building your better self, I provide personal mentoring  to support you in developing more empowering practices.

What are we going to do together?

After an initial consultation to ensure that we connect well, you’ve got me for 1 hour per week over four weeks. During these mentoring sessions, I work with you to create and develop better morning and evening routines, improve your self-care practices and enhance your productivity and performance.

In a nut shell, we will…

  • consider where you’re starting from, and set intentions to help you get to where you want to go
  • look at specific areas of self-care, and select one or two for you to focus on
  • review opportunities for you to improve your digital health, productivity and mindfulness practices
  • decide on the best tools to support you in these areas
  • discuss and implement ways to develop your living and working practices and improve your work/life cadence

What does the mentoring package include? 

  • 1 x Introductory consultation
  • 1 x Growth Sessions Plan
  • 4 x 1 hour mentoring sessions over 4 weeks
  • 4 x Growth Sessions Motivation communications
  • 1 x Follow up consultation

These sessions are conducted via Skype, Google Hangout, or Phone (if you’re in the UK). Or they can be in person too (if you’re local). During the first consultation, we will first make sure that we’re a good fit together, then set an intention and goal for you. Based on that you’ll receive a personalised Growth Sessions Plan specifically for you.

You’ll also receive a personalised Growth Sessions Motivation in your inbox for every week that we work together, which will include:

  • Customised Tracking Questions
  • Personalised Meditations
  • Affirmations and Visualisation prompts
  • Helpful articles and information based on your focus topics

Both the Growth Sessions Plan and Motivation Emails will guide our weekly conversations and support you in creating new practices and more effective routines.

Our final follow up chat will take place 2-3 weeks after our last mentoring session. The aim of this conversation is to see how you’re progressing, to ensure that the practices we’ve created for you are becoming a firm part of your daily routine and supporting your wellbeing and your performance.

Introductory Offer =  £325 for 4 Week Mentoring Package

Reserving your place

Send me an email  – – to confirm your interest. We’ll schedule an introductory session to kick things off. If the fit is good, then payment up front will secure the remainder of your session time with me.

After your Growth Sessions Mentoring package is confirmed, you’ll receive a welcome email with scheduling and on-boarding info and my mentoring T&Cs. The accompanying disclaimer doc will need to be signed and returned prior to our first session. 

I work with 4 people per month. If I’m unavailable this month, you will have the opportunity to book again next month. So if you’ve registered your interest, I’ll notify you when places open up.

Please drop me a line at if you’ve got any questions before you book?

What makes me qualified to help you?

I’m a consultant, writer and creative entrepreneur with a degree in journalism and psychology, and more than 20 years of experience in communications. A few years ago, I experienced a lengthy, difficult period of burnout due to prolonged and excessive stress. As part of my recovery, I delved deep into learning more about health, wellbeing, habits and personal development.

This learning helped me to  create a Framework to support me in living and working better. It has proved so successful, that I decided to transition in my communications work to help others to build their own Frameworks too. 

So, the focus of my work is now around wellness, habits, digital health and behaviour change to improve how we communicate with ourselves and others. Why? Two reasons:

  1. I know from experience how working on improving these things can support our wellbeing and help us to activate more of our potential.
  2. Our increasingly digital world is contributing to unprecedented wellbeing issues. We’re not yet well-equipped to cope with the level of distraction we are faced with, and the impact that this has on our health, attention and performance.

I’d like to enable people to improve their living and working practices and build their resilience. So that they become better prepared for the ups and downs of modern life.

Growth Sessions are the platform I use to do this. They encompass talks, workshops, online training and one-to-one mentoring, to support you on your journey. Their aim is to provide you with the tools and information you need to empower YOU in becoming your better self. The effects of doing so will transform how you work and live, for the better.

I look forward to working with you.

If you’ve got any questions in advance of working together, please get in touch, say