Here’s some participant feedback from various Growth Sessions workshops in 2018.

Ruth Shaw Testimonial

“Super interactive, plenty of examples and enough time to practice. My review and forward planning is currently lacking and this will really help me to implement a system.”

Rebecca Allam Testimonial

“Well presented and clear info, using plain English. Great synthesis of a wide range of tools and knowledge.”

Rachel Blezard Testimonial

“The session was informative. I loved the interactive nature and that it was about advisable ideas and really usable planning techniques, rather than a rigid framework.”

“I liked Michelle’s delivery, she is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and easy to understand.”

“There was a great mix of practical elements versus presented content, and some of the content also brought up engaging discussions. I know there is a lot to cover on this type of topic [stress management], but it was a great all round workshop.”

“A fun and informative session with real life application. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.” 

“Really insightful, made me think about what I need to change and that the issues are widespread, everyone struggles.”

“Informative, educative and quite a revelation to aid positive change.” 

“Excellent. Insightful. Informative. Eye-opening.”

“Great chance for self-examination. Great selection of topics covered at an easy to follow pace.”

“I really enjoyed learning how to improve my organisation and tracking.”

“Thought provoking tips and hints about small things we can each change that will potentially have a substantial impact on our wellbeing.”

“Great hints and tips on how to be more mindful, about yourself and others.”

“I could personally relate to many aspects mentioned. Very clear and examples given allowed for easy understanding.”

“Excellent. Insightful. Informative. Eye-opening.”

“Interesting, topical, relevant. Very informative. It’s relatable for all people and all work sectors.” 

“Speaker and presentation was very engaging, plus the activity really got you thinking about the impact of digital devices, and how using them can affect our own lives.”

“The talk was well presented and Michelle was extremely interactive with all that attended.”