Mich Bondesio - Doodles - What if I honoured love as my foundation for everything?

How often do you find yourself at cross purposes, battling with yourself and the world around you?

When the fire breathing dragons of adversity abound, it’s often because we’re operating from a place of fear or anger.

And when we buy into fear or anger, we’re essentially practising how to be fearful or angry. Over and over.

What this means is, we’re condoning it. We’re allowing it to rule our lives!

But what if you honoured LOVE as your foundation for everything instead?

Holley Murchison is an entrepreneur and strategist who is instigating a “love revolution”. I had the honour of meeting her when she spoke and gave a workshop at the Do Lectures in Wales.

This tall, slip of a woman holds so much power in a room, because she radiates so much love. And her story is a powerful one.

According to Holley, it’s important that we place love at the centre of everything we do. Here are three of the ways she suggests doing that:

  • Honour the power of love
  • Show up with love
  • Fight for love

And it all starts with self-love. We need to choose ourselves. Love ourselves. And find the courage to speak from our hearts.


Because LOVE is fearless!

It helps us face and conquer our fears.

So, arm yourself with love. Use love as your weapon of choice when facing those fearsome dragons of adversity – be they people or situations or your own mind breathing fire at you.


“The opposite of darkness is light and love.”

Holley Murchison

At the time of writing, Holley’s Do Lectures talk wasn’t live yet, so in the meantime I highly recommend watching her inspiring Creative Mornings talk about 8 Lessons in Love.

Are you ready for a love revolution? Let’s go slay some dragons!

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