Mich Bondesio Doodles - One Step

It starts with one step

Ever stopped before you’ve really started? Given up halfway?

How easy it is for us to call it a day when the going gets a bit tough or uncomfortable. You know what I mean…

  • Your new exercise regime means you have to actually sweat. So you stop when it gets hard.
  • The work needed to get ahead starts getting tedious. So you find a reason (excuse) to stay where you are.
  • Your part-time course is eating into your social time. So you skip revision to skim Facebook instead.
  • You feel nervous putting yourself out there in an unknown space, with the criticism you “might” encounter. So you don’t.

It’s easy to sack it in. It’s easy to give up. Sure, you’ll feel more comfortable. You’ll also have diddly to show for it.

But imagine if you carried on?

Pushed through. Put in the practice. Did the work. Stepped out of the comfort zone. Kept climbing.

You’d reach a place you’ve never been before. With a better view, more possibilities and new opportunities.

What if you could take one more step than you thought you could?

That’s all it takes. One more step.

One foot in front of the other and the rest comes naturally.

Go on, give it go! :)

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