We get to decide just how extraordinary we will be in our lives.

What if I make the outrageous decision, instead of playing it safe?

But our default tends towards making “safe decisions”. And the danger of only making safe decisions is that we don’t grow.

Life is about decision. […] Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make. Otherwise you would have made a different one. Everything we do, we choose. So what is there to regret? You are the person you chose to be.” ~ Paul Arden

So how about making a few outrageous decisions instead of only sticking with safe? Outrageous decisions don’t have to be risky, but do involve pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

You can read more about making better decisions over on Medium, where my new piece for Do Lectures Do Contribute is now live. It’s called “Be Outrageous, Choose to Grow“.

Deciding to read it may just change your life. :)