Michelle Bondesio Doodles - Outside the box

Outside the box

How easy it is to judge. To pop someone in a box. Just because they’re different.

But what if we didn’t do that?

Instead, what if we opened the doors so that we could get to know people outside the box.

So that we could form an opinion outside of the rigidity of those four walls we’ve created.

Outside of the imagined boundaries and constraints we place on potential relationships.

Relationships we could be cultivating with people who we think are “different”.

But are they so different?

You’ll find that we’re all just people. Looking to connect and be accepted.

And apart from connecting, imagine what else you could learn by being more open-minded?

The magic starts outside of the box. But only if you give someone a chance.

You can start by taking a chance on me:

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Cheers, Michelle :)