FOM Conference Events 2018

Over a period of two months, I supported Edward Matthews-Gentle of Creative Lancashire in coordinating a series of business-related events connected with the National Festival of Making 2018. I also contributed written content for the associated websites and event booklet.

Festival of Making Conference Webpage

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These events took place in the weeks before and after the festival weekend in May 2018 and included:

  • A ‘Business Innovation for Growth’ Conference Symposium day
  • A skills roundtable discussion relating to industry 4.0
  • Film screenings of Briar Levit’s ‘Graphic Means’ documentary
  • A roundtable discussion about the role of incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces in the North West.
  • Two ‘Conversations in Creativity’ events,  the first with artist Martyn Ware being interviewed by John Robb. The second related to a Graphic Means screening, with Dave Kirkwood chatting to Malcolm Garrett, Tash Wilcox and Swifty.
  • A student lecture given by graphic artist Ian ‘Swifty’ Swift.
  • An exhibition for Swifty’s G.F. Smith Papers collaboration of  Letraset-based artwork.
  • A ‘Let’s Talk’ event where designer Dave Kirkwood shared his creative process.

Writing Work:

I also administered new content creation for the existing Business Innovation for Growth Conference Website, contributed written biography pieces to the Conference Booklet, and assisted with editing and coordinating the content for this print publication.

FOM 2018 Conference Booklet Biographies

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