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Writing Work

I work with a handful of select clients per month (mainly remotely) to create the written content that helps them communicate deeper value to their customers.

Here are a few examples of my writing work for websites, blogs and other online marketing materials.

1. THE DO LECTURES – Blog Content

Do lectures Logo

I’m a guest writer for The Do Lectures on their Medium Publication called  Do Contribute, where I contribute a monthly thought piece.


July 2018 – How I connect on LinkedIn and why

June 2018 – On keeping clear of ourselves

May 2018 – The battle for attention

April 2018 – The lost art of acknowledgement

March 2018 – Seeing your identity as your USP

February 2018 – The panorama of ‘what’s possible’

January 2018 – How language influences our view of the world

December 2017 – Finding beauty in difficult places has it rewards

November 2017 – Leveraging fear to do great things

October 2017 – How our choices affect our outcomes

September 2017 – Ways to develop our empathy

August 2017 – Views on being a pragmatic optimist 

July 2017 – How psychological safe space helps us take bigger risks

June 2017 – How Perspective affects Performance  

May 2017 – On choosing the outrageous path to growth

April 2017 – The role of reliability in success

March 2017 – An article on Digital Minimalism

February 2017 – How we can be our own hero

January 2017 – Perspectives on New Year’s resolutions

2. HSH GLOBAL – Brochure Content

HSH Global software solutions HSH Global create software solutions for municipalities and public sector organisations.

In late 2014, I was contracted to write the copy for their new Company Profile document.

HSH Profile Michelle Bondesio

HSH Company Profile – Click to view full document.


The Straw Revolution is a simple straw bale house located on the West Coast of South Africa. The owners offer the venue as self-catering accommodation for vacation rentals. They wanted to create a website and e-brochure to advertise the venue.

My involvement:

  • Contributed written content for both the website and fact sheet.
  • Edited the final versions of both before ‘go live’.

Straw Revolution Content Michelle Bondesio

Straw Revolution Fact Sheet – Click image to view whole document

4. CAPE TOWN MARKET – Website Copy

Cape Town Market Michelle BondesioCape Town Market is a fresh produce wholesale market on the outskirts of Cape Town.

When they commissioned a website revamp in 2012, I was sub-contracted by their Graphic Design Agency to edit their existing website copy and write additional copy for new web pages.

CT Market Home Michelle Bondesio

Click to view the website in real time.

5. MEGA EVENTS – Website Copy

When Mega Events commissioned a new website in 2013, I was sub-contracted to write the website copy. They have subsequently been bought by a competitor, so the website is no longer active, but you can click on these two screenshots to view and enlarge.

MegaEventsHome Michelle Bondesio

Mega Events Home Page – Click to enlarge.

MegaEventsAbout Michelle Bondesio

Mega Events About Us – Click to enlarge.

 6. THE MEDIA ONLINE – Blog Content




Two light-hearted articles for this South African media news portal:

“The Upside of Being Stood Up”

“Dancing the Tango With Two Left Feet”

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