What’s the bright idea?

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Hi, I’m Michelle Bondesio, a communications consultant. I’m doing research on work habits and wellbeing in tech and creative communities in the UK.

Your knowledge, experience and opinion will help me to understand what’s really happening out there.

Why the research?

There’s a fair amount of press about how work pressure, culture, processes plus existing learnt behaviours, can impact on people’s abilities to be their “best selves” at work.

These factors affect team performance, creativity, productivity, quality of work, and the ability to communicate and connect well (with each other and with customers). All of which impact on the potential effectiveness, growth and success of our companies.

Life and work are busy and people may not have sufficient time or impetus to focus on improving their work habits and behaviours.

The intensity of digital noise in our world creates additional distraction. And reduced attention spans affect our learning and retention abilities.

Plus, the very systems, processes and working styles that are meant to help us, can also stifle our creativity and hinder our performance.

However, there seems to be very little info out there about actual current workplace habits and wellbeing, specifically within tech and creative communities in the UK. 

I’d like to find out more. You can shed some light for me  by taking part in my private survey.

How can we be less distracted, so that our creative thinking and personal super powers are able to shine through?

By giving individuals and teams the nudge needed, to become better at what they do, and how they do it.

Equipping them with the right information, tools and environment to increase self-awareness and develop more effective working habits.

To improve their “soft” skills, so that they can deliver optimally on their “hard” skills.

I have an idea that can help, but first I’d like to confirm where people might need help the most.

 I’d love your opinion and insights, so please take part in this survey. :)

What are my objectives?

  • To help team members become better versions of themselves at work and in life, in turn creating a more effective, sustainable business producing better results.
  • To improve work performance to positively influence business outcomes, (e.g. improved sales, better customer service, increased productivity and efficiency, stronger internal communications, more effective collaboration, heightened creative thinking, opportunities for innovation, or reduced absenteeism).
  • To innovate around company culture and process.

Who do I want to help?

Small and medium companies with a creative, design, digital, tech or innovation focus (and roughly 15 to 100 people on your team):

  • Startups and Tech Companies
  • Media and Communication Companies
  • Advertising, Brand, Marketing, Design, and Digital Agencies
  • Purpose-driven companies innovating in your field
  • Companies with knowledge workers on your team

How does my idea fit in?

It involves knowledge-sharing sessions to improve your team’s work habits, motivation, communication and performance. A pocket-sized learning service which contributes to creating a stronger culture of growth, development and wellbeing at work, without adding to the pressure of your day-to-day To Dos.

Businesses that may not have a dedicated HR team or formal personal development programme in place, may be unable to oversee and fulfil employee wellbeing needs adequately. This service could help fill this gap.

Companies that may already be utilising some form of wellbeing programme (or have an HR team looking after wellbeing needs), may find the service beneficial as an add-on to any existing initiatives.

Who is Michelle Bondesio?

Michelle Bondesio - ImageI’m an experienced project manager and communications consultant, based in the UK. Over the past 20 years, I’ve coordinated and contributed to many diverse projects in the UK and South Africa. I’ve worked with smaller, purpose-driven businesses, and on behalf of startups, agencies, blue chip and FMCG multinational companies.

This includes work in the following areas:

  • responsible tourism
  • corporate social responsibility
  • the production of TV commercials
  • event planning and management for meetings, incentives and conferences (MICE)
  • design, digital media and online marketing projects

Working across sectors and industry spheres, I’ve developed a passion for personal development and wellbeing in the workplace. Based on my experience, I’d like to develop a service which enables a stronger culture of learning and growth within our work environments. To help people and companies become their “better selves”.

To do this, I need to gather as much data as possible. So, your feedback is super valuable to me, and in turn, your contribution can benefit you and people like you. :)

Please CLICK HERE to take part in this research survey. (Your information will be treated confidentially.)

If you’d like to find out more, please contact me at info@bondesio.com.

Thank you,

Michelle Bondesio :)

(Lightbulb Image Credit: : Luca Bravo – Unsplash)