The benefits of not pushing…

What if I slow down to let things happen, instead of rushing to make them happen?

When we rush things or push too hard to make something happen the way we want it to, very often nothing (or something we don’t want) happens.

Why? Because we don’t leave enough space for things to unfold in a way that might be better. Because we aren’t being aware of the opportunities in our present that can positively shape the direction of that future.

“Boy, I hurried… I hurried for a long time. I’m sorry I did. All the time you’re hurrying, you’re not really as aware as you should be. You’re trying to make things happen instead of just letting it happen. You follow me?” ~ Bob Dylan

I’m a firm believer in making plans, setting goals and doing what needs doing. But when we’re trying too hard to reach that future place in a rush, without leaving a little wriggle room for opportunity, then we’re just like an impatient lion tamer. Cracking the whip without thinking about the consequences.

Making space in your life to let things unfold can mean a life that is more friendly than ferocious. Which would you prefer?