What if I took the opportunity to smile in any situation?

What’s one thing you can do in any situation?

I’ll keep this first post of January short, as we’re all busy starting the year on the right foot. :)

The new year holds many new opportunities, situations, scenarios, encounters and events. Some of these you will be familiar or comfortable with. However, there’ll be some new ones too. They might be uncomfortable. They might be scary. But guess what?

There’s a secret weapon you can employ to help you get through anything.

The first opportunity you have in any situation … be it good, happy, fun, or tense, difficult, uncomfortable … is to SMILE.

And if you don’t believe in the power of a smile, here’s an article that touches on the benefits of smiling.

So many upsides to smiling, it’s a wonder we don’t do it more often!

Smiling (whether involuntarily or on purpose) lifts your mood and changes your brain chemistry.

It costs nothing and massages the muscles of your face. It’s contagious, so you can lessen the tension in a room with one quick movement. It will make whatever you’re trying to get through, easier to do, because it reduces stress hormones and makes you feel more comfortable. Those are just a few good reasons.

So, when it comes to acting on those resolutions and intentions for 2017, why not make smiling one of the first go-to tiny habits you add to your toolkit for success.

Here goes… one, two, three … put a SMILE on your dial and go change the world. :)

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