Ever hung out on the sidelines because it’s more comfortable?

Mich Bondesio Doodles - Stand out in the crowd

Stand out in the crowd.

Because then you don’t need to take a stand, express a point of view, upset the status quo, be put in the spotlight, be questioned by the ‘tribe’.

What’s the downside of being comfortable?

Well, lemmings don’t get to see much more than an ass in front of them. Fence sitters eventually get numb (or sore) bums. And wallflowers don’t get to jive on the dance floor of life.

Yes, I may be taking it to the extreme :) But standing out in the crowd doesn’t have to involve big, dramatic, or sweeping change.

Just do one small thing… even if it’s uncomfortable.

  • Wear something bright to work
  • Put your hand up in that meeting
  • Say hi to people you meet in the street
  • Smile, even if you feel afraid

And then keep doing it. You’ll see that you have nothing to lose. And your small actions will take on their own momentum.

See, these little things count just as much as the big things.

What’s your small move to stand out in your crowd?

If you’re not sure, start with two small things:

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Thanks and have a great week

Cheers, Michelle :)