Mich Bondesio - Doodles - What if I keep working on the small things while I plan for the big things?

It’s easy to forget to tend to the small things while we’re out chasing the big dreams, right?

Likewise, it’s easy to shy away from doing the big thing, because it seems too big for “little old me” to do.

Both of these dilemmas are really flip sides of the same coin.

For all our dreams and visions, the reality is that “going big” doesn’t usually happen overnight. And achieving the big things doesn’t usually happen in big chunks either. Which is why we get so overwhelmed or disappointed when our big plans crumble. Because they have nothing supporting them. Because we’re rushing to go big.

The trick is to break the big dreams down into smaller, more achievable parts.

The small parts lay the foundation stones for the big things to become a reality. And part of those “smaller parts” is the day-to-day running of your work and life, i.e. the admin bits. Think of them as a necessary part of the routine to build your foundation and keep it strong.

Whether that’s doing the laundry so you have clean clothes to wear, or doing the bread and butter work that pays the bills, while you’re striving for greatness.

When the small things are running smoothly and working together well, you then have the support at your back to take things further. To take the next step. To build up lives, communities, businesses, and dreams and make them come to life. But it’s a process, which happens in stages.

Think big, work small.

This post was inspired by Konrad Brits of Falcon Coffees, who gave a fantastic talk at the recent Do Lectures. Konrad shared many lessons based on his experiences building a sustainable coffee business, including  the idea of focusing on incremental change.

I’m taking this quote from my notes, so it might not be 100% correct, but it conveys the idea very clearly.

“Good intentions and higher purpose won’t sustain you. You still need to chop the wood and fetch the water. So, while you think big, work small.”

Konrad Brits

So, next time you’re dreaming big…

If you’re not quite sure how you’re going to get there, or you’re trying to get there too fast, break it down.

Keep the end goal in mind, but start small, and work from there. :)

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