What if you stepped up when others didn’t?

Mich Bondesio Doodles Step Up

How often do you find yourself hesitating to be the first?

You know. When you refrain from raising your hand out of fear or doubt.

It’s that awkward moment in a meeting when someone says, “So, who is willing take that on?”….

… and everyone looks everywhere but where they should be, while they decide (or umm and ah) about whether they’re up to the job.

So, then the task gets assigned to someone, rather than being selected by them.

It’s that split-second of hesitation when we’re given an opportunity.

First, we feel a spark of excitement at the possibility. But then that little creepy voice in our head questions our capability, saying things like “Really? You?”

So, instead of jumping up, we hesitate while we do battle with the creep. And sometimes, in that moment of hesitation, we lose out on that opportunity.

When we don’t step up, what could have been a “yes”, turns into a “no”.

Silly really, isn’t it? Imagine how many things you might have lost out on doing, simply because you hesitated?

Now, imagine what might have happened if you hadn’t?

So, what if your default was YES? For everything!

What if you put your hand up, took it on, jumped in, gave it a go, stepped up? Just imagine where that might take you?

Your homework this week is to practice raising your hand at the speed of light, whenever you’re offered an opportunity.

Even if it’s scary. Even if you aren’t sure you can do it. Stick it up.

Remember: You can always say “no” (and back down) once you’ve thought it through. But you can very rarely say “YES”, once you’ve said “no”.

Why? Because by then the opportunity will have been taken by someone else.

Go on, step up. Say YES!

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