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MGS 11 – Cadence

Cadence is about achieving rhythm in your life

It is far better for us (and more realistic) than striving for the elusive work/life balance.

In episode 11, I reconnect with my inner Madonna and use a choice word to share my opinion on the hype around the elusive goal of creating “balance”. Sensitive viewers cover your ears, or if you’re ready to take charge,  then join me in creating a new movement!

If you want to find out more about cadence, I wrote a Medium post about it here.

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Remember, be brave, think big, stand tall.

Cheers, Mich :)

The balance between connection and disconnect

Are you feeling connected? Balanced? Or discombobulated?  As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to get so caught up in the doing, that we forget about being. If you don’t step out of the trenches every now and again, you put yourself in danger of losing your perspective, and your sense of humour.

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