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MGS 13 – Confidence

It’s all about ‘Can’…

It’s within our power to manage our confidence. We do it by matching our beliefs to our actions.

In this week’s episode of Mini Growth Sessions, I share three steps we can use to build and exercise our confidence.

Further reading:

If we know our weak points, then we can work on them…

  • Here’s a more detailed description of self-confidence, with  some super tips on how to develop it.
  • Research indicates that men tend to feel more confident than women. This article (and the video within) has some interesting insights.

Interested in the ‘grown up’ version of these for your company? Find out more here.

Until next time, be brave, think big, stand tall.

Cheers, Mich :)

What would happen if I stood out in the crowd?

Ever hung out on the sidelines because it’s more comfortable?

Mich Bondesio Doodles - Stand out in the crowd

Stand out in the crowd.

Because then you don’t need to take a stand, express a point of view, upset the status quo, be put in the spotlight, be questioned by the ‘tribe’.

What’s the downside of being comfortable?

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