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The magic happens outside the box

Michelle Bondesio Doodles - Outside the box

Outside the box

How easy it is to judge. To pop someone in a box. Just because they’re different.

But what if we didn’t do that?

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The balance between connection and disconnect

Are you feeling connected? Balanced? Or discombobulated?  As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to get so caught up in the doing, that we forget about being. If you don’t step out of the trenches every now and again, you put yourself in danger of losing your perspective, and your sense of humour.

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Digital trends begin and end with people

Have you given thought to how digital trends will affect your business and marketing?

I’ve been inspired by a talk given by Dave Nemeth, an international trend forecaster. He was sharing his thoughts on ’The Future of Business’ as part of an ‘Inspire B2B Trade Expo‘ presentation held at the Cape Craft and Design Institute.

The impact of digital trends on business is a topic close to my heart as I build my online business. Dave Nemeth touched on many valuable insights. But for me, the ones that stood out most, were the ideas revolving around people.

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