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MGS 15 – Courage

What to do about Fear

Growing and learning requires that we develop the courage to make friends with our fear.

To get on with doing what we were meant to in this world, we need to learn to become brave.

I wrote an article about this for the Do Lectures over on Medium. In it, I share three ways to help you overcome your fear.

Episode 15 of Mini Growth Sessions is a quick summary of these same three steps.

Interested in the ‘grown-up’ version of these for your company? Find out more here.

Be brave, think big, stand tall.

Cheers, Mich

Embrace the Unknown

Mich Bondesio Doodles - Embrace Unknown

Embrace the Unknown

Yes, “the unknown” is uncertain territory.

And we tend to run away from things we’re uncertain of. Things that make us scared. Things that make us feel small.

But, we can’t grow or make progress, if we don’t face what scares us – be that in business or in life.

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