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Keep Going

What if I keep going until it's done, instead of stopping because I'm unsure.

When it’s unclear how something will turn out, it’s easy to stop doing it.

We do this just in case it doesn’t work out right. Because we are afraid of failing.

But what if we keep going, to see how it actually turns out?

To be truly sure of an outcome, we need to see things through to the end.

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The Mastery Path

Stay on the long road to mastery instead of looking for shortcuts

On committing to the long game…

We humans get bored and distracted easily. We’re all for immediate gains over long-term outcomes.

Which is why it’s common for us to seek the quickest route possible to achieve our aims. Or give up entirely when it seems to be taking too long, or feels too hard.

“It’s easy to get on the path of mastery. The real challenge lies in staying on it.” George Leonard 
(Author of Mastery,  an aikido practitioner and central figure in the “Human Potential Movement” started in the 1960s)

Taking the shortcut might be an easy route, but it means you lose out on plenty of learning opportunities…

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