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MGS 16 – Mindset

Focus your mind!

Whether we can, or can’t, do well at something new, it’s all in our heads. Having the right mental attitude helps us to excel, and activates more of our potential. In Episode 16, I share three types of “mindset” that can help us improve when we’re doing something new.

If you want to find out more about setting yourself up for growth, I highly recommend reading Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset”. We can be limited by the beliefs associated with a fixed mindset, but the world becomes our oyster when we set our minds for growth.

Interested in the ‘grown-up’ version of these for your company? Find out more here.

As always, be brave, think big, stand tall.

Cheers, Mich

Ripple Ripple

What if I not only see the potential of my ideas, but also act on growing them?

On turning potential into action…

“When you drop a pebble into a pool of water, the pebble starts a series of ripples that expand until they encompass the whole pool. This is exactly what will happen when I give my ideas a definite plan of action. Right now, I can project my thoughts into the future, I can see ahead of me.”
~ Bruce Lee (Martial Artist and Philosopher)

What if you give your ideas room to develop and expand? Let the ripples grow.

What if you turn their forward motion into a plan for action? Each ripple is a step in your plan.

What if you then act on that plan? One step at a time.

If you can imagine the furthest ripple away from “now” … then you can reach it.

The Mastery Path

Stay on the long road to mastery instead of looking for shortcuts

On committing to the long game…

We humans get bored and distracted easily. We’re all for immediate gains over long-term outcomes.

Which is why it’s common for us to seek the quickest route possible to achieve our aims. Or give up entirely when it seems to be taking too long, or feels too hard.

“It’s easy to get on the path of mastery. The real challenge lies in staying on it.” George Leonard 
(Author of Mastery,  an aikido practitioner and central figure in the “Human Potential Movement” started in the 1960s)

Taking the shortcut might be an easy route, but it means you lose out on plenty of learning opportunities…

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Be Your Best Self

Mich Bondesio | Doodles | What if I can be my best self every day?

How to ban your worst self from the bathroom mirror, and elsewhere in your life…

It’s that time of year…

When the work pressure gets cranked to overdrive in that last minute push before the office closes … Or your home life may become a blur of extra domestic chores before the family descends, and you have a gift shopping list the length of a novel.

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Cancel Your Reservations

Mich Bondesio l Doodles l What if I cancel my reservations so I can live a more committed life?

It’s easy to make safe choices, because they appeal to our default survival skills.

The safe option could be your meal choice, your career choice,  or your sock choice.

Sometimes this is a good thing. We don’t want to get sick from eating shellfish before a big meeting. We want to know we can support ourselves with the work we do. And we want to look and feel good about our appearance while we’re doing it.

And if someone else has made similar choices and appears to have succeeded, it might make sense to follow that same path. Right? Maybe not…

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Another Way

Mich Bondesio Doodles What if I believe that there's always another way.

Ever feel like the way forward is proving hard to achieve?

It’s our default as human beings to seek the easiest or quickest route to achieving our goals.

Sometimes though, the path we choose doesn’t produce the results we’d hoped for. Occasionally it can seem like we’ve hit a dead end. And thinking we’ve run out of options can cause us to feel trapped and helpless.

Our beliefs about what is possible affect our actions. So, if we think it’s impossible, it will be.

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Less is More

Mich Bondesio Doodles What if I clear my life's clutter to make room for what really matters?

They say change is as good as a holiday.

And it’s common to associate positive change with the idea of gaining something.

It’s human nature to want more out of life. And if we want something badly enough, we’ll make a change to get it. In our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment, wanting something better often results in gaining more. And that can equate to more stuff.

But there’s a different way to go about creating positive change…

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Be The Lighthouse

Mich Bondesio - Doodles - What if I can be a lighthouse for others?

How easy it is to wait for someone else to shine a light on our problems and solve them for us.

How often do we wish and hope that someone else would take the lead and show us the way out of any darkness we may be experiencing?

But what if we could be the Lighthouse we’re looking for? What if we could be the one guiding ourselves and others to a safer, better, happier place?

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