What if I ignore the limits my scared self sets?

Every day we’re faced with the choice to be one of two people.

A scared self, who wants to remain small, so that we can be safe and certain.

Or a brave self. The version of ourselves who stands tall, shows courage and steps out there.

To do something, wear something, say something, make something or stand for something. The one who embraces new opportunities, despite the unknowns.

Our small self tries to set limits to protect us.

Sometimes there’s a jolly good reason for it. But sometimes that fear is an illusion.

What if that small self – or the limits it sets – didn’t exist?

“Don’t let your mind set limits that aren’t really there.”

~ Zadie Smith (English Novelist)

What if we step out into the world every single day being our Big, Brave Self…

… because that’s the person we choose to be?

… because that’s the person we actually are?

Our opportunities become limitless when we remove our self-imposed limits.

Be brave, think big, stand tall. Put on your velvet tasseled jacket with your 6 inch cowboy boots and go get ’em! :)