You are what you eat…

Becoming more aware of what we choose to put onto our forks is the topic of Episode 7. Nutrition is the second fundamental habit of good self-care. We need to learn how to master our forks like a Jedi masters ‘the force’.

I mentioned a few dietary styles you might not be familiar with:

  • Veganism is an ethical philosophy as much as a dietary preference.
  • Paleo focuses on our historical ‘caveman’ tendencies.
  • Pescatarians are fish eating veggies.

Healthier eating starts with awareness and choice.

  • Watch That Sugar Movie… to learn more about the effect of sugar on your system.
  • The documentary What The Health informs on how our current food system impacts on our health.

You can watch more of these Mini Growth Sessions here and find out more about the ‘grown up’ version of them here.

Cheers, Mich :)