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MGS1 – Self-Mastery

Introducing Mini Growth Sessions

I’m experimenting with something new. It’s a free taster version of my new Growth Sessions service.

As you can see it’s a work in progress … the lighting, backdrop and my delivery still need work but I’m rolling with it, so that I can learn as I go. :D

Mini Growth Sessions won’t replace my Doodles. If anything, they will complement them. Plus they’ll give you an idea of the topics I’ll be covering in my future Growth Sessions workshops.

So, without further ado, here’s the first episode of Mini Growth Sessions. It’s a brief intro to the concept of Self-Mastery.

Hope you enjoy it. Wishing you well and stay tuned for the next one.

Cheers, Mich :)

Who Needs A Hero?

What if I save my own day instead of hoping someone else will?

Not all heroes wear a cape.

I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot lately and it’s true. Real-world heroes are more ordinary than extraordinary.

They are just like you and me.

And that means that we’re capable of being our own heroes.

Find out how to save your day over on Medium, with my latest article for The Do Lectures – Batman is Busy.

Hope your Valentine’s week is filled with heaps of bold gestures of love, whether you’re sharing it with a special someone or not. Remember, loving others well starts with loving “you”. That’s what heroes do!

Your Personal Revolution

What if I stand up for what I am, so that others won't be afraid to do the same?

A revolution starts from within…

Today’s post is of a more personal nature.

I’d like to pay respect to the millions of people who stepped out on Saturday 21st January to make history. There’s something important we can learn from their actions.

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Your Secret Weapon…

What if I took the opportunity to smile in any situation?

What’s one thing you can do in any situation?

I’ll keep this first post of January short, as we’re all busy starting the year on the right foot. :)

The new year holds many new opportunities, situations, scenarios, encounters and events. Some of these you will be familiar or comfortable with. However, there’ll be some new ones too. They might be uncomfortable. They might be scary. But guess what?

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Light Bulb Moments – Finding Your Spark

What if our light bulb moments are more than standalone events?

When the big idea hits – your light bulb moment – it’s often described as being a bolt from the blue.

Something unexpected. Something brilliant.

So, it’s no wonder that you may feel pressure for a major fireworks display when it comes to finding your next business idea. Or deciding how to go about making a career change. Or searching for your true purpose in life.

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Be Your Best Self

Mich Bondesio | Doodles | What if I can be my best self every day?

How to ban your worst self from the bathroom mirror, and elsewhere in your life…

It’s that time of year…

When the work pressure gets cranked to overdrive in that last minute push before the office closes … Or your home life may become a blur of extra domestic chores before the family descends, and you have a gift shopping list the length of a novel.

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Boxes vs Goodie Bags

Mich Bondesio | Doodles | What if define who I am to others, instead of fitting into someone else's box?

Entrepreneurs don’t tick (or fit into) conventional career boxes.

And yet, that’s where we often end up for the sake of comprehension.

Ever get tired of being labelled as one thing, when you want to be known for something else?

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Good News

Mich Bondesio Doodles | What if I make good news, instead of waiting to hear about it?

What’s the good news you’re waiting to hear?

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be. How much you can love. What you can accomplish. And what your potential is.”

Instead of relying on someone else to tell you what your future holds… Or for someone else to dictate how it unfolds…

Why not set about making your own good news? Why not share with the world exactly what you’re made of?

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Cancel Your Reservations

Mich Bondesio l Doodles l What if I cancel my reservations so I can live a more committed life?

It’s easy to make safe choices, because they appeal to our default survival skills.

The safe option could be your meal choice, your career choice,  or your sock choice.

Sometimes this is a good thing. We don’t want to get sick from eating shellfish before a big meeting. We want to know we can support ourselves with the work we do. And we want to look and feel good about our appearance while we’re doing it.

And if someone else has made similar choices and appears to have succeeded, it might make sense to follow that same path. Right? Maybe not…

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Another Way

Mich Bondesio Doodles What if I believe that there's always another way.

Ever feel like the way forward is proving hard to achieve?

It’s our default as human beings to seek the easiest or quickest route to achieving our goals.

Sometimes though, the path we choose doesn’t produce the results we’d hoped for. Occasionally it can seem like we’ve hit a dead end. And thinking we’ve run out of options can cause us to feel trapped and helpless.

Our beliefs about what is possible affect our actions. So, if we think it’s impossible, it will be.

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