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Possibility & Identity (Do Contribute)

Who we think we are, and what we think we’re capable of, affect what is possible for us to achieve.

Possibility and Identity were the themes I covered in February and March for the Do Lectures on their Do Contribute publication. They are important concepts and ideas which keep cropping up.

You can read more about the three things I suggest to help create your own panorama of what’s possible here:

Impossible is Nothing

And in March’s article, I focused on the culture of ‘you’ vs the culture of ‘them’ and how to view what we bring to our lives and projects in a different way.

Don't be them

Imagination is Possibility

What if I can travel as far as my imagination can see?

Imagine there were no limitations …

So often we get caught up by the limitations of our immediate environment, that we feel we cannot progress.

But, what if we’re not limited by our physical place in time? What if our location doesn’t actually matter when it comes to making our dreams a reality?

Imagine travelling as far as your mind can see?

Taking a long-sighted perspective is the starting point. Make your visions big, bold and far-reaching, not limited by your present location or circumstances.

Stretch what you think is possible to the furthest point imaginable.  Back up those plans with the principles of endeavour – such as taking initiative, putting in the work and being persistent – and you’re halfway to the moon already.

And when you get there, what if you keep going?

The possibilities are as broad as your imagination!

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