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Growth Sessions Goes Online

NEWS – Growth Sessions is now an Online Course on Skillshare…

I’m excited to share that in early April 2018, I created and published my very first Skillshare class for Growth Sessions!

“How to Create Performance-Enhancing Routines” is a 30 minute foundational course to help you improve your performance and productivity.

To take the course, click on one of the links in this post, which will enable you to sign up to Skillshare for two months FREE premium membership. This gives you access to all of Skillshare’s great classes AND you can cancel at any time.

I’ll also be creating more Growth Sessions classes for you to take in future, so stay tuned. If you’re ready to become your brighter self, you can start by finding out more about my new Skillshare class.

I’d love your feedback on the course, so please give it go.

Happy learning!

MGS10 – Love

The thing about Love…

Looking after ourselves includes loving ourselves in spite of our flaws. To care for and support others well, we first need to have a love of ‘I’. Find out more in Episode 10.

Further reading…

You can watch more Mini Growth sessions here . Or find out more about the ‘grown up’ version of these here

Cheers, Mich x

MGS9 – Breathe

Breath is life…

Breathing is fundamental to our state of wellbeing. In episode 9, we explore how we can use breathing to change our mind and body for the better.

Practising conscious breath is one of the most effective ways to change your physiology and your emotional state. It starts with one inhale and one exhale.

You can watch more Mini Growth sessions here .

Or find out more about the ‘grown up’ version of Mini Growth Sessions here

Cheers, Mich :)

MGS8 – Move

A bit of rhythm and moves…

Our third fundamental self-care habit is all about the moves. In episode 8, I share quick ways to incorporate movement into your workdays.

This article highlights several reasons why movement trumps sedentary habits.

Now take your moves to the next level by getting in on some of this Madagascar ‘Move It’ action. You’ll thank me later.

You can watch more of these teeny videos here and find out more about the ‘grown up’ version of Mini Growth Sessions here.

Cheers, Mich :)

MGS7 – Eat

You are what you eat…

Becoming more aware of what we choose to put onto our forks is the topic of Episode 7. Nutrition is the second fundamental habit of good self-care. We need to learn how to master our forks like a Jedi masters ‘the force’.

I mentioned a few dietary styles you might not be familiar with:

  • Veganism is an ethical philosophy as much as a dietary preference.
  • Paleo focuses on our historical ‘caveman’ tendencies.
  • Pescatarians are fish eating veggies.

Healthier eating starts with awareness and choice.

  • Watch That Sugar Movie… to learn more about the effect of sugar on your system.
  • The documentary What The Health informs on how our current food system impacts on our health.

You can watch more of these Mini Growth Sessions here and find out more about the ‘grown up’ version of them here.

Cheers, Mich :)

MGS6 – Sleep

The Sleep Factor…

In episode 6, we head to Club Duvet to find out more about why sleep is one of our most important fundamental self-care habits.

As you’ll see, in true cheesy 70’s disco style, I’ve got all the moves!

There’s a lot of research out there about the side effects of poor sleep … here’s a few articles to help you improve your ZZZ skills:

The findings might seem scary but once you’re in the know, this helps you put your pillow first and sets you up for sweeter dreams.

You can watch more Mini Growth Sessions here and find out more about the ‘grown up’ version of them here.

Cheers, Mich :)

MGS3 – Self-Care

The First Foundation Stone

This episode of Mini Growth Sessions is about Self-Care and why it’s fundamentally important to look after ourselves…

Stay tuned for future episodes, where I’ll explore the second and third foundation stones and their key aspects.

You can watch Episode 1 here  and Episode 2 here.

Be brave, think big, stand tall.

Cheers Mich : )

How to Rule Yourself

What if I build my foundations well, so I can rule my life reliably?


Becoming our best selves starts with self-knowledge, self-care and self-discipline.

And the often overlooked reigning strength behind attaining and maintaining self-sovereignty is RELIABILITY.

I wrote about developing our reliability skills for this month’s “DoContribute” article for The Do Lectures.

If you want to learn how to rule yourself in a trustworthy and consistent way, across all facets of your life, then head on over to read The hidden ‘R’ that helps us Do.


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