Mich Bondesio - Doodles - What if I can be a lighthouse for others?

How easy it is to wait for someone else to shine a light on our problems and solve them for us.

How often do we wish and hope that someone else would take the lead and show us the way out of any darkness we may be experiencing?

But what if we could be the Lighthouse we’re looking for? What if we could be the one guiding ourselves and others to a safer, better, happier place?

It means being big, bright, brave and bold. Being strong and resilient. Taking the lead, and sometimes doing it on your own.

It takes strength and courage to be a lightworker, as you forge illuminated paths in the darkness across difficult terrain or rough seas. So that others can find their way on their respective journeys.

It sounds hard, but we’re all capable of being there for someone else. All it takes is the flick of a switch in your mindset to turn on your stalwart, stripey lighthouse capabilities.

And helping others helps you find your own way in life.

This week’s doodle is inspired by an entry in the book “I Wrote This For You” by Iain S. Thomas.

“The World Needs More Lighthouses.

You can join the millions in the dark. Or you can stand up and scream light, out into the night.”

Iain S. Thomas

What if you can be a strong, tall lighthouse – for yourself and others?

We’re all capable of screaming our light into the night so that those we care about can find their way.

What are you waiting for? Shine your light. And make it bright! :)

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