Welcome to the Toolkit page for creating New Routines.

Here you will find free resources of all kinds to help you improve your digital hygiene habits and develop more effective self-care routines.

You will find downloadable worksheets with instructions on how to review existing routines and create and track new ones. There’s also a PDF document with my thoughts and ideas around self-care and how to go about creating performance enhancing routines.

Finally, I’ve included some links to further reading and information regarding digital health, attention, and the importance of self-care.

I will keep adding to this page, so don’t forget to check back from time to time, if you’re interested in learning more.

Self-Care Fundamentals

My PDF notes on SELF CARE, PERFORMANCE and ROUTINES  will get you thinking about areas where you can improve your habits and routines, to support a more manageable work/life cadence.

Downloadable Worksheets:

Fitness-related Apps & Channels  to help you get started:

UK Public Service Organisations, in case you need further help:

Attention & Distraction:

Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work” he has a big section dedicated to how damaging Social Media is to our ability to do Deep Work.

An interview with Tim Wu about his book, The Attention Merchants.

Adam Alter has written a few good books including “Irresistible” about addictive technology.

The Distracted Mind by Adam Gazzaley and Larry Rosen covers why our ancient brains are struggling in a high-tech world.

The attention span of the average British person for different activities is less than you think. Plus an article on how task switching and self-interrupting affects our attention.


Dr Mark Hyman has written books and made documentaries about what he calls the Ultramind Solution,  a more holistic approach to healing using functional medicine. His approach includes a strong focus on nutrition and gut health and the link that has with brain health.


Health issues associated with lack of sleep and the damage we do to our brain when we are sleep deprived. What happens when we sleep and the effect of different light types on our circadian rhythms. The effect of coffee on sleep and how we become the equivalent of drunk drivers when we get less than 6 hours regularly.

Digital Health & Social Media Use: 

Find out more about the dangers of eye strain from digital over use. Or what happens when you turn off your notifications for a day (and the long-term health effects).

Eric Barker’s helpful tips on how to stop checking your phone.

How taking photos on your phone affects your memory of the image.

Social media’s influence on stress and anxiety in young women.

The Irony … Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya on the impact Facebook is having on society and Sean Parker (ex Facebook President) on  how it exploits the vulnerability of our brains . Or the creators of Facebook and Google warning of the dangers of social media.

Research, Reports, Reviews & Surveys

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