Mich Bondesio | Doodles | What if the gift of love is the best present I can give?

The best gift to give…

At this consumer-crazed time of year, here’s a little advice based on the most valuable lessons I’ve learned this year.

Nothing happens without giving something of yourself. 

And the best things happen when what you give comes from a place of love and openness.

So, while you’re shopping up a storm, remember that the most precious, worthwhile gift you can give…

… is the gift of love.

To yourself. And to those around you. (Whether you know them or not.)

Love is all..

Looking back on 2016 (as you do at this time of year), there are a few things I didn’t quite crack. But those failures were feedback to help me improve. So, I also achieved a whole lot more than I had hoped.

One of those things was starting this doodle side project in April. I’ve ended up publishing 32 doodle posts in the space of 34 weeks.

These little drawings have helped me show up (nearly) every week, enabled me to express my thoughts, and brought the need for more creativity in my work into sharp focus.

They’ve also led to unexpected doors and opportunities opening to me, which I am so extremely grateful for.

And ALL of this, is all because of LOVE.

What’s next..

I’m taking a break over the festive period, but will be back with more in early January. My goal is to do 100 doodles before I decide whether they’ve served their purpose.

2017 is also going to involve taking my passion in personal development to the next level, as part of a new service I’m developing. (More on this in coming months)

So, I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to those reading, commenting and sharing my work, and supporting me on this path.

You’ve helped me get here, even though I didn’t know where “here” was going to be until a few months ago. And there’s further to go … this journey is just beginning!

In turn, I hope my motivational sketches have helped you move forward in your life in some way too? Even if they’ve just put a quick smile on your face in your busy day, that makes me smile too. :)

Sending you all love and light as we move into a new phase of interesting times. Be open and share the love.

I’ll leave you with this:

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”

Auguste Rodin

Take care,

Mich x

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